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Armpit fibroadenoma

Hi , I would like to share my story about armpit pain
I'm 23 years old  ,  and  I felt a lump under my left armpit 2 years ago,  it was movable , painless, not inflamed , with a size of  big olive, it was increasing in size during  period , I have no family history of breast cancer , I discover it when I was examining my breast ( as am a medical student )  and I just ignore till it increase in size and appear in the my other right armpit , it is discomforting and annoying and sometime  it causes pain .
I have done several U/S and it showed multiple breast fibroadenoma with  enlarged lymph node , and the mammogram showed no carcinogenesis.
I consulted many  surgical doctors and all of them advice me for urgent remove so pathologist can give me the definite diagnosis.
I refused as the armpit surgery is one of the surgeries that can distort the armpit appearance .
after that I went to Breast Cancer Radiologist and  I have done core biopsy ( which is like needle aspiration ) for my lump , the consultant provisional diagnosis was either ( Tb , or lymphoma )
after the result came out , the  consultant was completely shocked and  very happy cause the  pathologist report  of my armpit lump was fibroadenoma !"
the doctor write my story  as "" case report "" and he said this is a rare case in the world !

This discussion is related to Armpit pain, could it be from fibroadenoma?.
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Thank you for sharing .... although it is a rare occurrence there is sometimes the appearance of breast tissue in the axillary region. Of course this means that anything that can effect the breast can also effect this "out of place" tissue. You mention not wanting surgical removal due to the possible result in the appearance of the underarm. I wonder though wouldn't it be the same if the tumor were to grow to a larger size ?? You also mentioned that you have documented multiple fibroadenomas in the breasts so there would be no reason that another wouldn't recur in the axillary region. It would be a difficult decision to make .... Best Wishes for a successful career in Medicine .....
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