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Aspiration of cysts necessary?

I am 34 years of age and noticed pain on my right breast. My gyno examined it, and suggested to have it removed. I was hestitant, afraid, also am getting married soon, and even though discussed with my fiance, and being asked to go ahead with it, still i am reluctant.
I do not feel great pain there, only upon touch I sense some discomfort, of bearable pain.
As I was aware benign tumors pain , and malignant ones do not.
So please guide me as to whether I should go ahead with surgery and should i worry about the decrement of my breast size?
however I did undergo mammography and ultrasound of both breasts and was diagnosed with birads category 111 fibrocystic disease. I have a total of 4 cysts, which are clustered close to each other, and feel like the size of a small lemon. and the Dr has said he will use interventional therapy to aspirate them using needles under ultrasound guidance.
The only hesitation which i face is whether or not to have it done.
As will I have them again or what??
Also was just reading some posts from back in 2002, and a lady named Annwei, was telling about the news from a newyork clinic that sometimes, even aspiration may cause another similar cause of worry as the scar tissue may become a sign of concern or the cyst may fill up with liquid again, which my be different in appearance, and an ultrasound would need to be done for that reason also. I mean i do not remember her exact words, but know for sure that she was questioning having the aspiration done or not, considering the NY clinic had at that present time suggested to refrain from it. As the cysts will re-fill also, so will they be need to be aspirated again?
As i see it, once the needles go in, they ofcourse make scars and that may become a concern later on, and as someone who recently got seen and diagnosed with the cysts, I am not too sure whether or not to have them aspirated.
I would really appreciate if I were helped further into making that decision.
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Dear babydoll12, Over the internet without ability to evaluate including review of scans and x-rays, physical exam etc. it is impossible to advise regarding what you should do in your individual situation.  Aspiration of cysts is done for several reasons, mainly to relieve discomfort and/or to analyze the fluid for abnormalities.  You may want to seek a second opinion from a breast specialist who can advise based on review of all of the information regarding your situation, and discuss with you your concerns as well.  Breast specialists are generally associated with large acedemic centers.
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