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Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia in Papilloma

Hi, I had a lumpectomy on the 4th of June . Histology has confirmed atypical ductal hyperplasia within an intraduct papilloma. I have been told this has been excised with clear margins but do not know what the margins were. The doctors do not seem concerned and I really had to push for another mammogram (last one was September 09), I am now scheduled for next mammo this coming Sept. I have a couple of questions id anyone can help me, will the scar from the lumpectomy mask any future recurrence? will the mammo hurt more due to the scar? I am still getting considerable discomfort this does not seem to be from the scar but is similar to the discomfort I was experiencing before the lumpectomy (sort of burning) is this normal? And what are my risks for this returning.
Thanks so much to anyone that can help, I just keep churning this all over and the hospital seem to give the impression theres nothing to be concerned about.
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