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Axillary tail of breast tissue

I found a lump in my rigt armpit just under a year ago. A lump that was movable and quite tender. My doctor said that it was simply an increased lymphnode. After it did not go away, it was suggested it was an ingrown hair! But once again, it did not go away.

I attented a hospital appointment where I underwent many test, including a ultrasound/scan of the area.

It was found that it was a tail of breast tissue. I did find this quite upsetting, particularly when told that surgery was not an option. The reasoning for this was not explained and so I was upset further.

I find that lump can be painful if I lay on that side and it can be uncomfortale at times. I find that it hurts during excercise and I am quite an active person. So it is fair to say that it is getting in the way of my usual routine.

So recently, I has a check up with my doctor and asked if I could go for a second opinion. So I have another appointment in two months and before I go I would like any information on possible removal or anyone in similar circumstances.

Thanks for reading any comments would be great.

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Oh, I am a 16 year old female by the way!!

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Hi there
I am 29 and have in the last two weeks had an axillary tail removed from my armpit. It presented in exactly the same way you describe about the same age as yourself, and although not damaging was very uncomfortable and painful at certain times of the month and quite unslightly as a 'bulge' out of my armpit which looked like fat!

Unfortunately this is classed as 'elective' surgery despite being painful which is why you will have been told that surgery is not an option. On teh NHS it is considered 'cosmetic' so you could have it removed privately, or alternatively campaign your local doctor to take up your case and put you on their list.

What you need to do is stress how painful it is and how it really is psychologically troubling and preventing you from living your life normally. Then hope that your doctor will take up the case; it may mean a long wait.

The surgery is quite painful but not severely, but has to be done under general anaesthetic. The scar at the moment looks a bit red but I am confident it will heal well and is quite tucked away under my armpit even if it is still noticeable in time.

I really sympathise with you but don't worry about the age difference between us - I left mine for years unattended and then went back on the campaign and finally had it removed in three months - so perservere but as long as it is harmless we have to feel lucky don't we?
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Hi Terri

I am astounded.  This is exactly what happended to me at the same age, however, mine affected both armpits.  Unfortunately, after the operation, I fell very ill.  After several years of being unwell, I have since been diagnosed with M.E, otherwise known as chronic fatigue sydrome.  I am wondering if you have had any health issues since your operation?  I am also wondering if they tested what the took out please?  As they did not seem to test mine?  In fact, my doctor treated me appallingly.  I would very much like to hear from you.

If you would like any information on M.E you can find it on this website   www.anzmes.org.nz

Best wishes

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Hi there -

I had surgery to remove this from both armpits about 3 years ago.  Although it is an elective cosmetic procedure, it was covered for me because it was causing me great discomfort.  I live in Canada though, so I'm not sure where you are or how your health care system views these things.  The surgery was under general anesthetic, and was only about 1 hour in length.  Besides feeling woozy from the drugs when I woke up, I was shocked at how little pain I had afterwards.  I didn't even fill the pain med prescription I was given.  The scars were red for a few months, but have since faded quite beautifully, and are not a cosmetic issue for me at all.  However, I'm currently 8 months pregnant, and it has ALL grown back.  The doctors warned me this would likely happen. Essentially, I was told I would want it done again after I was finished having kids, because it tends to come back.  Whether you decide to have it removed or not, know that it is totally harmless.  Uncomfy and unsightly, yes, but not threatening.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about it all if you're interested.  :)
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P.S. It started for me at about 17, and I left it for years before finally having the surgery.  I was so glad I did, and wished I had done it years earlier.  I'm 33 now, and had it done when I was 30.  :)
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I should have mentioned, that I got an infection during or straight after the operation, which may well be the reason I haved ended up with M.E.

Yes, mine too have grown back!!!  My question is, if it is only skin?? then why on earth would it hurt??  As indeed, they are very painful, particularly before periods.....I can't help but think there is a bit more to it??  Like, perhaps, it is the lymph nodes??   Would appreciate any comments......

Best wishes

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