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BIRAD 4 on first ultrasound

I’m 42. Went in for my first mammogram which turned into an ultrasound and now core needle biopsy. I’m scared to death. I’ve had several breast surgeries in the past such as implants then a lift then removal of implants with a lift. In 2014 both were biopsied due to capsular contracture. All clear. Now I have two oval small masses with Hypoechoic no vascularity present in either. My impression read suspicious for malignancy. I’m so scared! Praying they are benign. My mother went through the same thing several years ago and it was the same breast. Are these words very concerning?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  We are glad you are working with your doctor and encourage you to continue to do so.  I know this is a scary time but please know that things can be suspicious and turn out to not be cancer. This happens on a regular basis.  And if it is cancer, diagnosing it as soon as possible and beginning treatment is the best way to overcome it.  So, you are on the right track for having the best outcome for yourself either way. Did your mother have breast cancer?  Hypoechoic means that the mass reflects few of the Ultrasound waves that are directed at it. It is a way to find out tissues which appear different from the surroundings and therefore are probably "suspicious".  A hypoecoic lesion could be either a cyst or a benign tumor or a malignant tumor. A biopsy is required to determine what is going on.  While I know you are scared, please know that this could also easily be  benign lesions.  BiRad4 basically means that they need to do a biopsy to determine status.  

Here's an article to review.  Please, again. Do not worry until you have to worry but do follow up with your doctor.  If your mom had breast cancer, that puts you at higher risk and you should express this to your doctor.  


Please let us know what you think about this information and how you are doing.  
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Thank you so much for this! I will go in Monday for needle biopsy.
Only breast cancer in my family is a Great Aunt that was my grandmother’s half sister.
You are very welcome and we want to hear back from you after your biopsy.  Glad to hear that there is very limited family history which puts you less at risk. We'll be thinking about you.  
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