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so I finally got all my results in. They did a ultrasound guided core needle biopsy and the results came out as benign fibroadenoma but what Im concerned about now is that the doctor said that they might have to remove the lump surgically to make sure it is a full benign fibroadenoma so my question is that is it possible for it to be cancer or have like some hidden cancer in it?
a response would be highly appreciated
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Hi Madiha,
Happy to know that your biopsy results are benign.
Fibroadenomas, even though they are benign in nature,doctors decide to remove them for several reasons.To name a few, if the lump is large and causing pain,also if the biopsy results showed that there is a mixed type of cells and tissue that may increase your risk, and if the tissue samples that were extracted were not sufficient to make 100% sure that the lump is a true fibroadenoma.
If your doctor has recommended the removal of your lump,he/she must have a good reason to do so.
The surgery procedure is not complicated, and your recovery should be quick and uneventful.
Because your biopsy results are benign,then the chances are very much in your favor that the lump removed will be benign also.
If I were you I would certainly opt to take this lump out of my body to be on the safe side and also to avoid frequent screening to monitor it's growth.
Best wishes...
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thank you so much for your response! I scheduled my appointment for october 7th since I think that it should be removed as soon as possible but I have another question. my breast is hurting me a lot these days and I feel like my breast that has the lump in it is growing. both the breasts are not the same size. the one with the lump is bigger. what can that be? I am confused :(
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Hi again and you welcome!
I am glad that soon you'll have the surgery to have the lump removed and be over with.
The pain and breast enlargement could be due to an increase in hormonal level in your body during your menstrual cycle..It could also be due to your recent biopsy.Nerves are sometimes damaged during this procedure and the breast can be quite sore and swollen for a while,whilst nerves are healing.
You could gently massage the breast with a mild lotion, apply cold compresses, take some over the counter pain killers and wear a good supportive bra even at bedtime ,and see if it helps.
Take care and good luck with your surgery :)
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thanks for your response. if I have more questions after the surgery you'll be the first one ill contact.
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The MRI core-guided biopsy (not the stereotactic biopsy) was probably the worst procedure I've ever been put through. And I recently had the stereotactic biopsy, wire localization and lumpectomy. That's my way of telling you that the surgery to remove the lump shouldn't be bad at all. Good luck!
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Just thought I'd add that I've had three lumpectomies (including two for fibroadenomas) over the last seven years and none was as bad as I thought they'd be. Very simple out-patient surgeries and really easy recoveries---I even went dancing the evening after one of them! Of course, everyone is different and they handle things differently, but I think the majority of women have very little pain and very easy recoveries. It's deinitely worth the peace of mind you'll have knowing the lump is gone.
Wishing you all the best,
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