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Bad Reconstruction

Hi - I had a dx of DCIS Stage 3 last year and because of father dying of breast cancer and so much other cancers in the family it was recommended that I have a bi-lateral mastectomy which I did and have no regrets about.  However the plastic surgeon that I selected to do the reconstruction, although a great guy, was going to place the final silicone implants through the areola site and do a "purse string closure".  I had agreed to a graft for the areola to help cover /hide the incisions with the hope that the breasts would look unscarred.  OK now come forward in time to when I awoke the plastic surgeon "forgot" (even though we had had  a discussion right before surgery I was put out) about the purse string and so placed the graft ontop of the mastectomy incision and inserted the implants through a new incision under the breasts.  So I have now three very apparent incisions on each breast!  My question is can I have another ps start over and remove the implants and have him/her redo the area around the areola and pull in the scars? is that possible or am I now forever to look in the mirror and see three scars on each breast?   Not to mention the fact that I will be out the 15K to have this redone how can this happen!!  He came well recommended by the local PCP's and he was the fourth plastic surgeon I interviewed.
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Dear Marian299, You would need to talk with your plastic surgeon or new plastic surgeon regarding possibilities for what can be done.  

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Breast Reconstruction replace with "I had dx of DCIS Stage 0 Grade 3..."  sorry for the error.
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I was asking if this type of procedure is POSSIBLE BEFORE I visit a plastic surgeon.. I didn't want to be disappointed again if that isn't even possible..  boy this was so not helpful!
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