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Bad pain in left breast

I have had a really bad pain in one area of my left breast for 3 days now. It feels like a really painful bruise - as if I had been poked with a broom handle or something, but there have been no injuries.

I am a 39 year old female and have never had kids, let alone breast-fed.

I started my period 24 hours ago, but this does not feel anything like the normal breast tenderness that I have had in the past before a period.

I saw my doctor about it today and he said it is probably mastitis and prescribed me Amoxycillin, but there is no redness or swelling in the area, and I do not have a temperature or flu-like symptoms - so could this be a mis-diagnosis?
I really do not like the idea of taking antibiotics if I do not have an infection. It seems like such a waste if I take the full course and then have to go back because the pain is still there...

Should I insist on a mammogram or ultrasound?
Is it possible to have mastitis with no redness or swelling??
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Dear ratbag,  Mastitis refers to inflammation of the breast and usual symptoms of mastitis are pain in an area progressing to redness, and warmth.  Fever, chills, and flulike symptoms or body aches can also develop.  While mastitis most commonly occurs in women who are breast-feeding it can also occur in women who are not breast-feeding.  This could be due to a dilated or irregular milk duct, an injury to the breast (such as a cut or bite), or less commonly due to breast cancer.

Breast pain is a common breast symptom.  The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer.  Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain.  Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue.  Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast.

Breast pain is evaluated based on the history of the pain you would give to the health care professional, as well as a physical examination.  The need for further testing would be determined based on the above findings.  Some recommendations for treatment of breast pain involve simple comfort measures such as a supportive or exercise bra, or application of warm or cold packs.  Caffeine avoidance, limit salt intake and reduction of dietary fat may also help.  

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No one can make an accurate online diagnosis; but I'd not have considered infectious mastitis in the absense of redness or fever. It's not impossible, however. Nor, if I thought that's what it was, would I have prescribed amoxicillin, since if it were mastitis, staph is a common bug and staph is not typically treated well by amoxicillin. Most of the time breast pain, even when it's not bilateral and not something that you experience regularly is nevertheless related to hormonal issues and/or fibrocystic changes -- which can maninfest themselves at nearly any age after the 20's and until a few years past menopause. Treatments include eliminating caffiene, taking vitamin E, wearing good support day and night. Pain which persists through a cycle ought to be further evaluated, including, in most cases, mammogram; and possibly an exam by a breast surgeon.
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Thanks for your replies.
I do not think this is cyclical as my normal breast tenderness stops as soon as my period starts. This is just one small area of extreme pain and feels close to my ribs on the bottom-left of my left breast.

I started the antibiotics anyway, as I can't see my doctor agreeing to do anything such as sending me for tests without ruling out his theory of mastitis first. I still don't like the idea of taking them, but I hope I am wrong and it is just an infection. The pain has not changed at all after the first 24 hours of amoxy...
I am surprised by your comment on amoxy with Staph. though surgeon - this is Amoxycillin trihydrate, which I understand to be a very broad spectrum antibiotic, and in pet medicine it is regarded as one of the best antibiotics for treating skin and soft tissue infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus such as abscesses, because it has such good tissue penetration.
I avoid anything with caffeine in and do take a selenium ACE supplement sporadically.

The pain is affecting my normal day to day life - it is more painful to wear a bra even though it has good support - as it presses on the painful area near the rib, and I usually go for long brisk daily walks, but it is so sore I have stopped walking. It hurts all the time, not intermittently - lying in bed too.
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Nothing is 100% in medicine. Some staph would be treated by amoxicillin. But it's absolutely not a good choice for staph in humans; ask any doctor what antibiotic they'd choose to treat staph. If amoxicillin is on their list, they need a refresher course. I'm not expert, however, in pets.
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i am a 27yr. old female i have recently been having a bad pain under my left breast. i had a breast exam about a month ago, but nothing was found to be abnormal. the area of pain is just under left breast and feels to be more right at the bra line that gives you that up lift. its getting to wear it hurts to wear my bras, because the area is so tender even though its very small. i am so scared that it may be a sign of breast cancer. i cant tell though if it is coming from breast tissue or from the rib. it is an area about the size of my little finger. if anyone has had this kind of pain please let me know. i am so scared.
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dear lawson,
I have to had the exact same pain, also under my left breast. And might i add it to is a very small area of pain. I had a breast exam about 2 months ago and nothing was found. The area is so tender to touch like a bruise from which i have had no injuries what so ever. I too am scared. Did you find out anything yet. ***@****
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