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Bilateral MRM, ER & PR + , HER2 -. Tamoxifen adviseable?

Is it normal to take Tamoxifen after Mastectomy? I went MRM last January 14, 2013 and prior to that my dr made a biopsy of my left and right breast, results shown that i have high grade DCIS and my surgeon advised me to have a mastectomy because of a strong family history and high grading. Prior to mastectomy P63 staining showed results ER and PR positive and HER2 negative. and all the lymph nodes are negative.  Is it okay to take tamoxifen after mastectomy? Advise please
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It is my understanding that all women with ER/PR hormone positive cancers, would derive benefit from this drug, especially if the cancer is an aggressive type.
Even with a double mastectomy, cancer could come back under the skin or in the muscle or near the mastectomy scar..It has been proven that  hormonal treatment prevents close to half of the recurrences that otherwise would have occurred. Please follow your doctor's advice if Tamoxifen has been recommended.The side effects could certainly be unpleasant,but not all women will experience them.In time the bad side effects could diminish once the body gets used to it.
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thank you for te advise i hope i'll get better
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