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Bilateral mastectomy & follow up breast exams

I had a bilateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with stage 1 BC, triple negative & BRCA 1 gene. I had chemo and have been healthy for 1 year since. What is the appropriate type of breast exam at this point? What do you think of the value of an MRI in my case?
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Since its been just one year since your surgery, the doctor may do some examination and order a couple of tests including some imaging studies. These may also include some blood work. These tests are required to ascertain if you have had any side effects or recurrences of the cancer. MRI is employed by doctors to examine the breast tissue in detail for the signs of recurrences. It is an excellent modality though its value in each case may need to be determined separately.

Please let us know what your doctor says and also if you may have some queries for us.

Good luck.
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Thank you. Through my oncologist, I have had blood work, bone scan and full body cat scans every six months. Everything is normal. My breast surgeon gives me breast tissue exams every 6 months and believes he'll be able to feel a lump. He does not believe MRIs are necessary with bilateral mastectomy. I understand there is a low percentage of recurrence with bilateral mastectomy but I want to make sure I am being thorough. I know that Sloan Kettering recommends MRIs for bilateral mastectomies. My care is at another NYC hospital.
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You just have to trust and continue your doctor and the plans for treatment and examination. At the same time report any abnormal events that you may note during your treatment.

All the best.
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