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Both my primary doctor & obgyn said not to worry but its easier said than done and I'm trying. These are the findings from the report I picked up today:

Right 12 o'clock retroaerolar mass. The mass is decreased in size post biopsy suggesting this represents a complex cystic lesion.

Conclusion: uneventful ultrasound guided biopsy the patient was instructed to obtain follow-up care and biopsy results from referring physician.

Any had has the same thing & how was the outcome? Is it normal to be super itchy at times in the nippple & area, also pain?

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I suggest that you see a Breast Specialist if you haven't already. Certainly not meaning any disrespect to your two Doctors but Breast Disease and /or conditions are not their specialty. Make an appointment with a Breast Specialist / Breast Surgeon, take your films, not just the report, to your appointment and get a second opinion regarding this mass. It certainly would possibly indicate some type of cyst since the size is now smaller since the biopsy. There should have been a diagnosis or some indication as to exactly what this mass does represent. I did receive your private message but we much prefer to handle questions here in the Community but you can post the entire report here if you wish. I would be interested in the "Impression" at the bottom of the typed report. I understand that "don't worry about it" doesn't really offer much comfort and I probably wouldn't accept that myself. I do think the opinion of someone who specializes in Breast issues would be a great value to you at this point. Make every effort to find someone .... you really shouldn't need a referral for this unless your Insurance Co. requires one. One of your Docs should be more than willing to take care of this for you.   Regards .....
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Oops, sorry I got so involved in the first issue I neglected to address the itching complaint.  No, it isn't normal however this can be simply a skin issue and pain is rarely associated with Breast Cancer. I would definitely bring this up when you see the Breast Specialist as it could be related to the other problem. Best Wishes ....
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Thank you! Really appreciate it! Will keep you posted with outcome for anyone else out there going through the same thing. It's crazy & painful at times & all you want is answers.  Never would have thought this is happening to me & I'm hopeful I will be okay. Just have to educate now my girls to learn those early signs, I just would love to get over this already but only time will tell.
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