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Biopsy of lymph node

Background: I'm 37 with no family hx of bc.  I found a lump and thickening in outer upper right breast area a couple of months ago.  I went to my family doctor, she sent me for a diagnostic mammo.  The mammo didn't pick anything up other than heterogeneously dense breast tissue, so the radiologist did an u/s at the time as well, which did not pick up anything either at the palpable area.  Outcome was BIRADS 3 for asymmetrical dense breast tissue, recheck in 6 months.  Since I had a definite palpable lump that was not showing up, I saw a surgeon for further evaluation. He said the palpable lump was a swollen lymph node and since I had no other findings, he suggested we wait 4 weeks to see if it changes.  During the 4 weeks, the initial swollen node did not change, however 3 others in the same area became palpable during that time.  The surgeon now wants to excise the original palpable node for biopsy.  I'm aware that axillary lymph nodes can flare up for many reasons, but I would like to hear from anyone that has had palpable axillary lymph nodes without a diagnosis and what the outcome was for you.  I appreciate any stories you can provide that will ease my mind.  Thanks.
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Sorry, I guess my question is whether anyone has had a biopsy on a swollen axillary lymph node prior to any diagnosis and what the outcome was of the biopsy?
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I had avid axillary nodes on PET scan (possible cancer or infection).  The biggest one was biopsied and the result was "reactive" (non-cancerous, but reacting to some unknown infection.  Have never found the infection after many months of looking and several antibiotics that changed nothing.  Now my breast hurts on that side and I'm waiting to see if a surgeon can tell me this is from the surgery or something new.

That is both reassuring and not, I suppose!  Keep me posted and I'll do likewise.
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