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Biopsy scheduled- what does this mean

Study Result

HISTORY: Patient returns from screening mammogram to evaluate calcifications in the right breast.

COMPARISON: Comparison is made to exam dated: 11/18/2021 mammogram - Saint Francis Breast Center.

TECHNIQUE: 2D images were obtained in multiple projections of the breast.

BREAST COMPOSITION: The right breast is heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses (ACR category c).

FINDINGS: There is a heterogeneous calcification in the right breast at 2 o'clock middle depth.

No other significant masses or calcifications are seen in the breast.

The heterogeneous calcification in the right breast is suspicious of malignancy. A stereotactic biopsy is recommended.

The patient has been or will be contacted.

Electronically Signed By: Jeffrey Stafira M.D.
js/penrad:11/22/2021 14:18:04

Imaging Technologist(s): Margaret Sturm, RT(R)(M), Saint Francis Breast Center
letter sent: BC11 Needle Biopsy
Mammogram BI-RADS Code: ACR BI-RADS Category 4: Suspicious
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Hello.  Welcome to the forum but sorry you did not receive a timely response. By now you should have had the biopsy done.  Can you share your results? The Bi Rad scoring is used by radiologists to rate their concerns for cancer after someone has an abnormal mammogram. https://www.healthline.com/health/birads-score  A score of 0 is not suspicious of cancer and a score of 6 is almost certainly cancer.  4 means that the radiologist has concerns but does not mean cancer.  They view different elements to calcifications such as number, shape, edge, etc.  Each of these factor into the radiologist's rating of the findings.  can you let us know how the biopsy went and the results? We wish you the best of health.  
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