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Biopsy while breastfeeding

I found a lump on my right breast while breastfeeding my 8 months old baby. I went for a mammogram and the doctor told me to stop breastfeeding in order to do the biopsy. I breastfed all my babies and  having problem giving the bottle to the baby. If I can, I never wants to give a formula to my baby. On top of that she is allergic to milk and soy . Any advice? Thanks.
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To be honest, if the doc needs to do a biopsy then he feels that there is something there that needs to be evaluated.

I was in the same situation as you with my first child.  We decided to "watch" my lump thinking it was a lactating adenoma.  I went back to the surgeon almost 4 months later with a much larger lump.  I had had to stop breastfeeding at that time because of a subsequent pregnancy.  My lump did turn out to be cancer.

You need to talk with the doc.  If he feels it is imperative to do a biopsy now instead of waiting, you need to stop breastfeeding and let him do a biopsy.  It's a difficult decision, but in the end, it is important for you to be here with your babies as opposed to letting something go on and not be able to recover from it.

My surgeon said that it was not good to perform a biopsy while breastfeeding due to increased chances of infection in the breast.

There are some really good formulas out there for allergic babies.  Our second was sensitive to milk and didn't like the soy formulas when she was first born.  We used Nutramagen.  She has outgrown that allergy, thankfully.

Good luck to you, it is a difficult thing you are going through.  I understand.  I hope everything will be ok with you and your babies.
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Hi UmNUNIN - I recently had a biopsy performed while breastfeeding my 5 month old daughter.  I breastfed my son until he was 1 year old so it's important to me, and I also wanted to avoid formula.  After a lot of different conversations with doctors that recommended weaning, I found a radiologist who talked to me about how the biopsy would be performed (core needle, 4 passes required), and he understood my desire to continue breastfeeding.  Luckily for me the tumor is located at the edge of my breast near my underarm, so he used an angle that would puncture the least amount of breast tissue, in order to avoid the complication of a milk fistula (leaking of milk from incision site).  It is possible to have a biopsy while breastfeeding, and a lactation consultant can help you if you need it. If it is too difficult for the wound to heal you may have to stop, but at least give it a try.  I think most mothers are willing to do whatever they can for their babies, so this was an easy decision for me.  I would never have forgiven myself if I had weaned my daughter for no reason when it was possible to continue breastfeeding.  It worked for me, but I understand in other situations it may be more difficult to breastfeed and also have a biopsy.  I pumped the first couple of days, since there was milk in the blood, but I never developed a milk fistula or any leaking.  I had symptoms similar to a plugged duct for about 6 hours and then it got better.  I would pump often as opposed to letting the breast become engorged, but not so often that you stimulate extra milk than you normally produce.  It is not painful after the first day of healing and ice and applying pressure to the biopsy site will speed healing.  Good luck to you, in whatever you decide.  
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I agree with lhughes. I nursed all my babies (4) for a year each - thinking that of course it was the best thing for them and I had heard it decreases the risk of breast cancer by 10% each.  I had just stopped nursing my last child in March and 2 months later I found a lump that turned out to be breast cancer.

Of course you want the best for your child but you also need to be here for the baby too. I had to stop nursing my 2nd boy at 10 months because I had gotten pregnant with #3 when #2 was 8 months old and my dr said to stop because it causes uterine contractions. So I know how you feel. I actually gave cows milk to him then - there are other ways of getting calcium into the baby anyway - doesnt have to be milk or formula.

I went in for an ultrasound because they told me I couldnt get a mamo because I hadnt been done nursing for longer than 2 months. But when they saw the 2 cm mass they right away gave me the mamo. It was a bit painful because I still had some milk in there but thank goodness I had it. I have to get a mastectomy soon to save my life. Trust me - its worth it to stop for your and your child sake.

Best wishes to you.
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I'm sorry to hear it was malignant and wish you the best for your recovery.  I get my results tomorrow and am also going to have genetic testing since my mom had breast cancer.
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