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I discovered a lump about 1/2 " in left breast.  They will do a needle aspiration to see if it's cancer since the ultrasound showed it was not a cyst.  I will know next week what the results are.  I had a biopsy 15 years ago and a scare 8 years ago.  I have lumpy fiberous size C breasts.  Whether this comes back positive or negative, I seriously want them removed.  I am not attached to them and I really fear cancer.  I had an aunt that got it in her 30s (then died of something else 30 years later) so I don't know if those 3 factors make me a candidate.  Anyone have any idea?
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A biopsy is usually recommended when a lump is solid,but because the lump is not a simple cyst it doesn't mean that it's cancerous.There are quite a few solid lumps that are benign in nature and don't require any treatment at all.
I think that you are jumping to drastic conclusions right now by considering a mastectomy.Many biopsies return a benign finding and yours could be just that.
Your aunt having had breast cancer doesn't mean that you will also be afflicted with this disease. I sure hope that the findings in your pathology report will be" Benign"
Best wishes..
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I've been searching the internet and there does seem to be a very miniscule chance a fibroepithelial mass can become cancerous.  Should I have it removed?  I am 47 and I think the older I get the more risk there is that this could happen.  I am going to see my dr. but I think he'll recommend watching it.
Any thoughts out there?
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I am glad that the results of your biopsy does not demonstrate cancer.  There is a question though whether the findings is a fibroadenoma (a non-cancerous tumor) or a benign (non-cancerous) phyllodes tumor.Benign Fibroadenomas are usually left alone unless they become too large or cause much pain.If the mass, on the other hand, is for sure a Phyllodes tumor,whether benign or malignant, I would prefer to have it removed and not wait.
Get as much information and clarification about this benign lump from your doctor and let him know of your preference to have it removed if it's a phyllodes tumor.Having all the results of your biopsy on hand, your doctor would be your best source of advice and information.
Best wishes and good luck.
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