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On 2/14 I had a Mammotone Biopsy. Results Benign. I now have lumps I did'nt have before, a dent (which is o.k.)and breast pain I never had before. I have not received the pathological reports yet, but am concerned that this will be now be a reoccuring event. I am worried about telling the doctor for fear they will want to do this again. The biopsy was not as pain free as they said it would be. The question is, is this normal after a biopsy?
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Dear ydf, From what you describe I'm wondering if you have developed some scar tissue or bruising at the site.  A lump that has developed so quickly after this procedure would most likely be due to a benign (non-cancerous) process.  You should discuss this with your doctor, they have all of the evaluation information leading up to the biopsy, as well as the pathology report.  They may be able to reassure you without any further evaluation.  In the event that there is something to be followed up on they can advise you better as they have access to all of the information specific to you.
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