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Birads 4 suspicious finding

My breast Ultrasound  report reads
focus of mildly dilated ducts with debris within them at the 3 o clock position- not present on prior exam. No cystic or solid lesions identified.Benign appearing axilliary lymph node. Impression BIRADS Cat 4 suspicious finding- ultrasound guided biopsy of the focally dilated ducts recommended.
Mammogram impression was: No evidence of malignancy routine screening recommended. BI RADS 2-
I do have a history of fibroadenoma in that same breast- states no changes. I am asymptomatic 50 year old female on bioidentical hormones x 2 years.
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I hope everything turns out okay for you in regard to your biopsy!

Meanwhile, I hope you won't mind some information about the use of bioidentical hormones.

I'm not sure why you are taking bioidentical hormones, but
the 2012 hormone therapy position statement of the North American Menopause Society states:

"Bioidentical hormones: Compounded EPT or ET should not be prescribed unless women are allergic to components of government-approved products.

The US Food and Drug Administration has ruled that some compounding pharmacies have made claims about the safety and effectiveness of BHT unsupported by clinical trial data and considered to be false and misleading. Pharmacies have been instructed not to use estriol without an investigational new drug authorization. The Food and Drug Administration also states that there is no scientific basis for using saliva testing to adjust hormone levels."

Dr. Susan Love, one of the country's leading experts on breast cancer, points out that women who have naturally high levels of hormones are at greater risk for breast cancer. You can't get any more "bioidentical" than your own hormones. Dr. Love points out that very little research has been done on such formulations, and there is no evidence that they are safer than other types of estrogen and progesterone.

In January of 2008 the FDA sent warnings to a number of large compounders of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) products, expressing concern about these manufacturers' claims about the safety, effectiveness, and superiority of their products.

I agree with zouzi, that you should have an in-depth discussion with your physicians about the risks and benefits of this treatment.

Wishing you all the best,
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Dilated ducts can be associated with several benign conditions, including infection,but the specifics would depend upon how it appears radiologically.
Some ducts dilate in response to the hormonal changes in a woman's body.Since you are on bioidentical hormones this could also cause breast ducts to enlarge,including  lumps and pain.You should have an in-depth discussion with your physicians about the risks and benefits of this treatment.
Your mammogram report is just fine,but your Radiologist has assigned a BIRADS score 4 only for suspicious dilated ducts.A biopsy would be necessary at this time to obtain a correct diagnosis which often results in benign findings.
I hope that soon you'll find out what's going on so that your breast problem can be successfully treated.
Please let us know how things are proceeding and I wish you all the best..
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