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Blocked Breast duct

Hi I have a question.
11 days ago while showering,  I felt a tube like lump on my left breast. I went to the doctors and they said it is a blocked duct? They said they will just watch it, and send me to have an ultrasound done. I have not had a baby, nor am i pregnate. My youngest is 7 so far from breastfeeding! I am wondering, is this normal??? A year ago, i found a cyst in this breast. I had an ultrasound and they said it is a simple cyst?. About 3 days ago, i started having bad headaches and yesterday i noticed the lymph node under my chin has swollen up and it is hurting. Yesterday my (left) breast started hurting (where the cyst is) and still is.. I can still feel the blocked duct too.........

So please tell me what and why I have a blocked duct and what should i be asking my doctor???

Thank you
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Dear Lady_V:  Blocked ducts can happen for a variety of reasons and we cannot speculate on these via the internet.  You should probably have a discussion with your doctor about all of your symptoms (they may or may not be related).  If you had the ultrasound, that may help to define what is going on as well.  
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