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Blue lump in breast

i too have recently found a small blue spot on my right breast on the 2' o clock position, but mine is like a little...i guess the best way to describe it would be like one of those little beans u find in those new pillows? it feels like that when i pinch my skin to feel it.  its inside my right breast, but it apears blue? i am only 17 and i have checked with a dr. who simply brushed it away saying it was probably not a big deal, but my mom was worried so we got a sonogram taken tom. we go check in again, but i am almost sure the dr. will say once again it is nothing.... it isnt painful in any way, but its been there for about 5 months now and wavers in its size, but never gets too large or too small, im worried that the Dr. isnt taking it seriously just because of my age,
please help!
what could this be?
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oops i didnt mean sonogram, i meant ultrasound =)
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haha...srry to bug you again but also my ultrasound paper reads as follows:
dense tissue but no masses or cysts, the impression said there was no abnormalities, na dmy bi-rads are negative?
i'm goping to get more answers than what my seemingly ignorant dr might tell me?
is it too much to as for???
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If you are not feeling comfortable with the doctor  and you feel that they are not taking your concerns seriously then go and see another doctor  and another until your concerns are taken seriously.  My daughter had a 2cm cyst removed  from her right breast at the age of 14, it turned out to be benign, but it was worrying her so I pushed until they got rid of it for her and it put her mind at rest.

Get them to give you a mamogram as well as the ultrasound.  It is quite possible what they say is right but it does not hurt to get a second opinon, and until you feel confident that is nothing don't let anyone fob you off.
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You need not worry. From what the ultrasound report says and from what history you are giving these appear as benign lesions, which are usually managed conservatively - that is with a non surgical approach and regular follow ups.
It could be a fibroadenoma most probably. A fibroadenoma is a benign, non cancerous condition that usually causes lumpiness and tenderness in the breasts, which increases during the menstrual cycle. But this again is managed with regular clinical examinations and repeat USG when required, no surgery is required and these are not known to turn malignant.
You need to continue with your regular breast self exams, and get a repeat clinical evaluation in 6 months or if you notice any lump, nipple discharge or skin changes.
A mammogram would not able to help much because of the dense breast tissue you would have at this age. It coulld have been a cyst , but that would have shown on the ultrasound. It would be best to get a repeat ultrasound in 6 months to 1 year.
A negative BIRADS implies that there is no suspicion of malignancy. BIRADS is used by radiologist to classify lesions as malignant, benign or suspicious.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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