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Breast Biopsy

My breast specialist called me Monday and told me my ultrasound showed a small mass about half the size of a pea on my right breast. She said it didn't look overly suspicious but the borders were slightly irregular and suggested I get it biopsied. I asked her if I could come in to her office and get it looked at by her but she told me this one wasn't a cyst and the procedure had to be done at the hospital. I'm having the biopsy done and I was told that a "marker" would be left inside. When I asked my doctor why we couldn't just remove the whole mass since it was so small, her reply was that again the area didn't look over suspicious. If this were the case why get the biopsy at all?  Is this common procedure for any mass detected? Is my doctor just overly thorough?  This has been the worst week of my life not knowing.  She kept telling me most of these findings come back benign, but considering my age (44) and all the information I've been gathering over the internet. It just doesn't sound promising. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!  
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Hi Kellie,
Most likely this little nodule is not too concerning.
This could very well be a fibroadenoma which is a solid nodule and as a rule,all solid lumps should be further investigated,just to make sure.
A biopsy is a very simple procedure that takes just a few minutes to extract tissue samples to be examined by a pathologist.This is the only way to know exactly what this little lump represents.
True fibroadenomas are not malignant and won't become cancerous.They are usually left alone, if they don't cause pain or enlarge too much.These lumps are partially hormone-dependent and frequently regress after menopause.
Some women choose to have them removed from their body for peace of mind,and you could surely discuss again with your doctor regarding this matter.
You could also take your films to another radiologist for a second opinion and see what he/she recommends.
All the best...
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Thanks so much for replying! =) I did ask my doctor about just removing the whole mass and she said it was my choice but would prefer that I go the more non invasive route since the other procedure would leave scar tissue behind and make future mammograms more difficult to spot problem areas. I'm trying to stay positive, but its been one crappy long week . I'm so glad I found this site. Its saved my sanity and given me useful information to take with me tomorrow for my appt.

Thanks much!
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Hi, Kellie,
I'd just like to reassure you also that most biopsy results (actually about 80%) end up benign, so please try to remain positive. In your case it sounds like your doctor is pretty sure that it's benign, but "pretty sure" isn't good enough when it comes to breast cancer and only a biopsy can tell for sure. Even if it's not benign, when found early (and your lump is very small) it's highly treatable with a good chance for no evidence of disease down the road. Whether the whole lump is removed is really a matter of choice. I've had 4 areas biopsied and chose to have lumpectomies with each one, only because if it wasn't benign, I'd need the lump out anyway, but every woman is different. I would think with the marker, future mammos would be able to be interpreted easily enough, but I'd discuss that with your breast specialist.
I hope you have an easy biopsy and of course I'm hoping for benign results;
Wishing you all the best and sending a big hug,
PS: What area of Michigan are you in? We could be nieghbors!
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Thanks for the supportive words! They mean a lot =) I just came home from my biopsy and everything went well. The radiologist was very kind and told me when he walked in the room that he was a very thorough kind of doctor. I liked him right away. He took another ultra sound and told me that there were a few areas that looked completely benign and he just wants me to follow up in 6 months. He took a core biopsy of one spot that he couldnt get a clear picture of since it was so deep (almost on my chest wall) After he took out a few samples he said the mass kind of collapsed on itself which he seemed pleased with. I wont know the results until Tuesday, but I feel better having it done and over with. It's been a long week.  I live in Clinton Township Mi. on the east side of the state =)
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Hi again Kelly,
Thank you for updating us! I am glad that your biopsy went well and it's over with.
A lump that collapsed it's certainly much better news than if it didn't.
Most probably this was just a cyst and that's why your doctor was pleased.
Now you have a much better chance that this little lump is nothing to worry about.
Please let us know about the results when you get them.
Wishing you all the best!  :)
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So glad to hear all went well, Kellie, and it sounds like your doctor is very
encouraged.  Hopefully, you'll get good news on Tuesday that all is well.
I truly understand how scary it is waiting for the biopsy and then the results since I've been through it three times myself in the last seven years. I really believe for a lot of women the "what ifs" are the worst part of the whole thing. Most are very strong and can deal with "what is" a lot better than not knowing---I know that's true for me.
We're looking forward to hearing from you after you get your path report and hope it's all benign!
PS: I'm in the Ann Arbor area, so we're not really neighbors, but not that far apart either---one of us could be in the UP! :o)
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