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Breast Biopsy

July 1st of this year I found a lump in my left breast.  I had a mamo and US on the 6th and was referred to a surgeon.  On the 13th I had an appt with the surgeon and she said it was nothing to worry about and that if it is still there in three months to come back for a biopsy.  

Ok so now is is July 31st and the thing is twice as big and still she says wait 3 months!!!!!  

I am worried and wondering if I am overreacting?  My gut is telling that I need this boipsy.  I just don't know what to do.....

Any thought would be appricated....

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If it has truly increased in size, go with your gut.  Get a second opinion.
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A lump growing bigger that fast sounds like a fluid filled cyst (usually benign). I would get a second opinion or insist they aspirate the cyst and test the fluid for any abnormality.

I had a fluid filled cyst for years that the docs watched (and I was okay waiting and watching) until last year it had some changes in the look of the fluid, so they aspirated it. It was benign and now the darn thing is gone and I no longer get breast pain. Yeah!
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