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Breast Cancer/ Left Breast vs. Right Breast

I am searching for stastics on the occurance of Breast Masses on the Left Breast vs. the Right Breast.  I have had breast surgery 8 or 9 times, fortunately all non-cancerous and now pre-cancerous.  The vast majority of my masses occur in my left breat.  I understand that this is typical for masses to occur predominately in one breast or the other.  My search is for statistics on left vs. right breast masses.

Thank you.
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Dear Pattyp, I have not heard nor could I find anything particular to occurance of breast masses, increased incidence of left vs. right.  In the sources I looked under there was no mention of that, particularly in relation to breast cancer. I'm not even sure where you would look for that information.  Perhaps in a surgical textbook?
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My doctor told me it does occur more in the left breast.
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I have a theary on this.  I believe the statistics show more cancer in the left breast than the right breast.  My theary is that that is because more people are right handed and therefore use their left side of the body for more abusive things.  Mothers who are right handed hole their babies in their left arms while trying to do other things.  The left side gets more abuse that way.  Its just my theary, but I think if a study was done it would show this.
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