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Breast Cancer In Men

Hey all, as you can tell by the topic tittle I'm a male, worried about breast cancer... I just turned 18, and I seem to be suffering from swollen lymph nodes.. I've tried the selfe examination for breast cancer, but i can feel no lumps. I get this pain every so often that seems to come from inside my chest.. I really can't tell were it originates, but it seems to be only when pressure is applied. I tend to feel it when I take deep breaths..

I remember when I was younger, I got hit really hard on my left chest, were I feel this pain..

I have been to the doctor a few times and asked about it, but they told me that more then likly it was a normal thing that you go through when you're a overweight (Btw I am about 40lbs overweight)...

I'm really worried about what this could be...

Anyone have any suggestions?

"Add On".. When I last when to the doctor, I didn't know about the swollen lymph nodes yet.. I just read about that earlier today and found out what it was that was hurting near my armpit...
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Dear qrein:  Breast cancer in men is uncommon, particularly in young men.  Usually, male breast cancer presents as a hard lump in the breast.  If you are having pain in your chest, there are many possible explanations.  Likewise, there are many possible explanations for swollen lymph nodes.  Without examination, we cannot guess at what this could be.  Our advice is to discuss this with your physician, explaining your concerns.  If you remain concerned, consider a second opinion.  

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Right now, I have no insurance...

So It's really a thinker, to go to the doctor..

About 3-4 years ago, I was hit really hard on my left chest, were I'm getting this pain.. The lump is also under my left armpit...

The pain I feel inside my chest, it feels as if it's coming from behind my nipple, and when that hurts, so does my armpit...

I've had this pain in my chest for about a year and a half now
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