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Breast Cancer after Lymphoma

Having had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 25 years ago, was treated with COP. New breast cancer diagnosis requiring Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Hormonal therapy. Can the same agents re: Cytoxan be used for this
diagnosis. The former treatment caused hemmoragic cystitis. Is it wise to use Taxotere/Cytoxan regimen?

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Dear Jessalynne:  There are some chemotherapy drugs for which a lifetime maximum dose applies.  Neither cytoxan nor taxotere fall into that category.  The limits of use of these drugs relate more to toxicity, ability to tolerate, and efficacy (where applicable).  Hemorrhagic cystitis is a well documented but not terribly common side effect of cytoxan.  For this reason, patients are encouraged to remain well hydrated to keep the bladder flushed out during treatment. In terms of what drugs should be used in any given situation, this would be up to the oncologist.  Certainly, there is more than one acceptable regimen.  If you are concerned, you could consider a second opinion (preferably with an oncologist who specializes in breast cancer) so that you can compare plans.  It may help you with your decision about how to proceed.
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