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Breast Cancer and Premarin

I hahd been on Premarin for more than five years,The Dr.who originally prescribed this was concerned about Osteoporosis and felt that the risk of breast cancer far outwieghed the other risks.
Recently I developed DCIS and have now undergone  a Mastectomy.I also have discontinued Premarin.I do not understand as to why it was not made public that continued use of Premarin has more than 20% added risk for breast cancer.
I wonder if you can explain this or if any one else has had such aproblem. I think the Pharmaceutical industry must be held responsible and pay damages.
What do you think?
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Dear Lost02:  For many years, it was believed by most physicians that the benefits of hormone replacement (namely the supposed benefits of prevention of heart disease and prevention of osteoporosis) outweighed the supposed risks of hormone replacement (breast cancer).  Depending on who you might speak with, you would likely have received differing opinions on these issues.  The first study that actually looked specifically at these issues was published on July 17, 2002 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  This study showed that hormone replacement therapy that includes progesterone actually increased the risk of heart disease and breast cancer and decreased the risk of osteoporosis.  This information was published in most all newspapers and television stations.  It was recommended that ALL women taking this therapy should have a complete and thorough discussion with her physician, keeping in mind her personal specific risks and benefits.  There are always risks and benefits of every and all medications and this must be considered whenever you take any medication, prescribed or over-the-counter.
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I took premarin for many years.  After I had taken it for about 4 years, I had a hysterectomy.  Cancer was in the center of a polyp in uterus, but had not left the polyp.  It was very early cancer.  I took no treatments afterwards.  I kept taking estrogen,  (but not the progesterone) and 13 years later had breast cancer.  I hold no one to blame because of the estrogen.  Most reports say that estrogen alone does not cause breast cancer, but if one does get the cancer, the estrogen feeds it and makes it gtow faster.  Guess that is what happened to me.  My cancer showed up between yearly mammograms.  It was aggressive lobular, 5 CM , 14 nodes positive, making it  stage 3.   I am in treatment now (Chemo) and doing fine.  After my mastectomy---All my tests, xrays, scans, showed no cancer there.    I hope you do well also.  Hang in There!
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Thanks for your comments.Yes,I do intend to hang in there given a very supportive family.I am now awaiting the estrogen test in pathology.Fully expect these top be positive.I am not concerned with the mastectomy as this was a decision easily made.May be premrin was necessary because my family has a history of Osteopporosis.We just wait and wait ,anxiously to see what else comes from the path. labs!
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