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Breast Cancer and biopsy and why does my breast hurts?

I am 50 years old and felt a lump on my left breast.  I had my mammogram and it took so long for the results.  "  The results came back suspicious of cancer in your left breast!  When you hear news like that your whole world turns upside down.  I just purchased a house last year and very happy with my job.  I have a 22 year old son. I couldn't eat or sleep. An appointment was made for my biopsy and they wanted to schedule it almost a month later.  I told them, no I want it sooner than that. The nurse pulled some strings and got me in the next week.  I went for an biopsy and after the procedure it hurt so much and left a bruise on the left side of my breast.  The doctor told me it will be about 10 days, but it was sooner.  I went in and got the bad news.  The bruise on my left breast still hurt and the lump feels bigger.  They decided to do an ultrasound because they saw something else near my nipple, but it turned out to be nothing, however, they did say because of the biopsy they saw some bleeding and not to worry. I was thinking maybe the biopsy would spread the cancer.  I have to go see the doctor to decide what procedure in a couple of weeks.  I have very, very, large breast and before my diagnose I was preparing to get a breast reduction.  For my procedure I chose the mastectomy on my left breast and reconstruct after the surgery and breast reduction on my right breast because I was getting a reduction anyway. I am so scared because the doctor said, they have to look at my lymph nodes and make sure it haven't spread and if so it will require chemo, but if not, I would be ok.  He said, some patients may even require radiation after a mastectomy.  When I did my ultrasound they didn't see any swelling in my lymph nodes, but I guess they won't know until they get inside to check. My son is the only one who knows as of now.  For some reason I don't want to hear people say they are sorry.  I am going to tell my family before my appointment. I cry at night and try to put on a brave front for my son.   I really need some comforting words because another website said some horrible things to me and made me feel worst.  
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