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Breast Cancer in the Liver

Diagnosed with DCIS in 2002. Had radiation only. In 2004 discovered cancer had spread to Liver and bone.  Have been treating with a variety of Chemo and radiation. Just stared a 6 month treatment of Navalbean (sp ) as the masses in the liver seem to be larger.   My question is regarding liver ablalation or freezing.  I have multiple masses.  What about removal or freezing so that the liver can rebuild itself without the cancer?  Are there sites to get more info or somewhere I can researach more information.
Thank you
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I am sorry to hear about spread of the cancer to the liver and bone.

Several factors need to be considered before ablation or removal of liver metastasis is considered. Amongst the most important include - what your surgeon and oncologist thinks is best in your individual case.

Also, it is important to find about what facilities are available at your centre.

The following article gives information about liver metastasis in general and the possible options available. You will need to discuss them with your oncologist in detail.


You would be prescribed chemotherapy for the metastasis and pain relief medication.

Do keep us posted about your progress.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.

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