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i am a 24yr old female and i am noticing some change in skin texture in the lower part of the breast.its not the usual dimpling neither is there any lump.its more like some rashes in both breasts.it is also accompanied by a mild pain in both the breasts and it appears to be warmer.
Please help!
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Your post was already answered by "Japdip" and I agree with her that your problem is most probably skin related ( sounds like yeast infection or an allergic reaction) You shouldn't self medicate yourself,unless the medicine is prescribed by a medical professional.
I would suggest to you to see your health care provider or a dermatologist for a correct diagnosis and proper treatment.
The pain in your breast could be due to hormonal changes..Try to cut down your caffeine intake to lessen the pain....but please make an appointment soon to have this problem solved.You don't need to worry needlessly when a solution can be found.
All the best...
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