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Breast Cancer

My mother is 53 years old.

The mammogram showed that

1.Both the breasts showed predominantly glandular parenchyma.
2.Clustres of pleomorphic microcalcifications noted in the left breast predominantly in lower outer quadrant.
No associated mass/architectural distortion noted.
3.The left nipple is retracted.
4.The skin over both the breasts shows no thickening or retraction.
5.The subcutaneous tissues over both the breasts are normal.
6.The retromammary spaces are clear on both sides.
7.Ultrasound correlation revealed multiple prominent ducts in lower outer quadrant of left breast,few of them filled with hypoechoic material.
No significant vascularity noted.
8.Aprominent node noted in the left axilla with irregularly thickened cortex.

Impression: Clusters of pleomorphic microcalcifications in left breast with suspicious left auxillary lymph node.
BIRADS Category 4.

The FNAC Report from breast lump and nipple discharge showed that

1.Smears from breast lump moderately cellular,shows clusters of atypical ductal epithelial cells with amphophilic cytoplasm and moderately pleomorphic nuclei with coarse chromatin and conspicuous nucleoli.
2.Smears from nipple discharge also show few atypical epithelial cells and macrophages in a fluid baskground.

Impression:Positive for malignancy.

We were shell -shocked when the doctors have concluded that she has breast cancer.

what kind of cancer is this?Have we found it early?
Please help me with your valuable findings and suggestions.
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I am sorry to hear about your mom's cancer diagnosis.
As much as we would like to help, we in this Forum, are not medical doctors,therefore it's hard for us to explain or understand in details the findings on mammogram results.
The report should be explained in details by your mother's doctor.In the meantime you could post in the "Radiology Community" to obtain the information you are seeking.
Please click on the link below to reach that community, and I hope that you'll get some help with your questions.


Best wishes to both you and your Mother.
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Thanks for the comment zouzi.
The docs told that the cancer cells have reached her lymph node and we should go for neoadjuvant therapy i.e four cycles of chemo followed by a mastectomy(not a lumpectomy since her breast is small) and four cycles of chemo after mastectomy.All the tests before starting the therapy yielded positive results.
But she is so negative.I am trying my best to convince her and making her aware that cancer is just a disease and most importantly it is completely curable.
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You are more than welcome sadredribbon!
I can surely understand how much you must be worrying about your mom, and I also understand her feelings of depression and anxiety, because she must be really overwhelmed right now regarding her situation.
With love and patience I am sure she'll come around and will eventually listen to you and to other family members and follow her doctor's recommendations.Cancer is NOT a death sentence and with proper treatment she will be able to beat this terrible disease,like many of us did.
My heart goes out to you and I hope and pray that your mom will soon get beyond the shock of her cancer diagnosis and start her life saving treatments.
Again wishing you both the very best!...
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