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Breast Cancer

A woman age 58 had IDC, T1N0, 7mm in size. A wide lumpectomy
removed all the primary, but multifocal DCIS was found else-
where. Tumor is ER+, herp2-, intermediate grade.
A mastectomy will be done.  Chemotherapy has been recommended !
In view of the studies on Arimidex might it be used instead,
with an expectation of an successful outcome ?
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Dear ski2005:  Hormone therapy, such as Arimidex, may indeed have a role in the treatment of this cancer.  However, the question is really separate from the question of chemotherapy.  Hormone therapy is not usually used "instead" of chemotherapy but often "in addition to" chemotherapy.  So the real question that you should discuss with the oncologist is whether you should take chemotherapy. This decision would be based on the expected risks versus benefits and a discussion with your oncologist may help provide the information you need to make this decision.  In general, the absolute benefit to chemotherapy is greater with larger tumors and those with involved lymph nodes. It is very appropriate to ask about the role of hormone therapy.  
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