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Breast Cancer

Hi, My paternal grandmother got breast cancer in her mid 30's and beat it. My great aunt on my maternal side had breast cancer and died. My aunts, mom and cousins on my mom side have issues with lumps in there breast. It seems that every year they have to have a lump removed. Always benign.  

My paternal grandmother and I are like two pea's in a pod. Every health issue she had growing up I have gotten, right down to thinning hair and a short stature.

I guess I am wondering how likely It would be that I too will get breast cancer. AND isn't there a test you can take that will tell you if you are genetically at risk to get it.
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Dear Mom2girls0204:  The familial risk of breast cancer is most closely associated with first degree relatives (mother, sister, daughter).  The genetic form of breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that we currently know is relatively uncommon.  There is testing for these genes.  It is usually offered when there are more than 2 first degree relatives with breast cancer whose situations meet criteria suggesting that the cancer may be inherited.  Usually, the person WITH the cancer is tested first.  If that person carries the gene, then her family members have the option to be tested.  Before testing, it is usually advisable to discuss all aspects of the testing, cost, results, insurance isssues, etc. with a genetic counselor.
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I believe a physician would say that you are at risk.  You can get a genetic test to see if you are a carrier for the BRCA1 gene.  Good luck.
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It seems that there is definitely a high risk there....the minute there are 2 names with breast cancer or just one name of someone very close (like mom or sister) you are high risk.  How old are you?  have you gone for a baseline mammogram?  You should not wait until you are 40 (if you are not there yet.)  Discuss possibilities with your gyno.
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There are genetics testing that can be done.  Look on the internet or insurance provider for a genetics testing counselor.  I just went to one and I was very lucky my insurance would cover it.  Although I went because I already was diagnosed with BC and wanted to understand my reoccurence factor.  Your OBGYN should also be able to provide a name.
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Just a note to let you all know that my surgery has been scheduled.  I went to the surgeons yesterday and they set up the surgery for next Thursday November 2nd. I go for my pre-op procedure on Tuesday Oct. 31st.  I was hoping it would be this week, but the Lord has worked it out so that I will be out of work only 2 weeks then have the week of Thanksgiving(which we are out the entire week).  Then I can go back after Thanksgiving and work that week and then if I am doing good, and the doctors say it is okay, we will still go for our week in the mountains, which we need desperately.  My husband has really been so worried and working too much!  The surgery will last from 6-7 hours, and I will be put into ICU afterwards for overnight to be closely monitored.  Then I will go to a room the next day and hopefully come home by Sunday.  This is considered major surgery, but this is the way I prefer it to be done.  Then hopefully I will not have to have anymore major stuff done.  The doctor said that he will not have to take the lymph nodes, which is great!  The plastic surgeon said I appear to be a good candidate for the Tran Flap.  Just keep us in your prayers, I know God is with me and my family, I have such wonderful friends and family members praying all over.  A friend of mine at work came up and told me I was on prayer lists all over the country, and I told her that is wonderful...I feel you can never be prayed for too much!  Also, when praying, Lift up the doctors and all of those involved.and those everywhere facing this dilema in their lives..they need our prayers too!
My husband cut the back of his left hand on some tin helping our son Monday evening and we had to go to Urgent Care and they put 5 - 6 stitches in it.  So this has not been our week.  Still haven't heard from my Daddy's CT scan yet(he has CLL and is 84 years old).
  Today has not been a real good day for me, I think one thing, I did not sleep too good last night and then today would have been Mama's 87th birthday!  She died 2 years ago with hydrocelphus.
Thanks for being such a supportive group.
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You're in my prayers. I just went through a terrible scare and also had people I didn't know praying for me. My heart goes out to you and your family. And of course, my prayers are with your doctors. God bless you.
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