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Breast Cancer

Do you suggest I take Oncolyn?  I have been reading the book "Cancer Free" by Bill Henderson and it's an excellent reference on how to get well naturally.  It explains what you need to do if you have cancer, had cancer and been through therapy or to prevent cancer.  One of the supplements he suggests is Oncolyn.  I had breast cancer surgery (right breast mastectomy) in July of 07.  I had chemo for four months and afterwards had lymph node dissection.  I had 16 lymph nodes removed.  I am now taking about 10 supplements per day.  I'm wondering if I should add Oncolyn?  Thank you for your response.
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I used to subscribe to Bill Henderson's news letter but had to quit.
They would send me every week different cancer cure and where I can get the supplements or tried to convince me that baking soda and maple syrup cures cancer...well I have not found any info about that yet.
I believe in natural and alternative approach but you have to be carefull with who you are dealing with and whom you want to believe..I did two year research in this field and sometimes I am still unsure about these quick cures. There is no magic pill.
If you want more info from me what I do for my ovarian cancer  please respond to my private message center. Keep on smiling. Sunes.
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there is a breast cancer forum  there they might be able to answer you better as these ladies have ovarian cancer
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Never heard of that one. Maybe alan will come on, he knows a lot about supplements.
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