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Breast Cyst Aspiration

I found a small sized lump in my breast at the end of September 2012. After mamo and US, it was diagnosed as being simple cyst, and I was sent on my way. I opted for Aspiration because of discomfort. Well, I had the aspiration today, and the fluid came back with blood in it, nothing messy looking, pretty fluid and light. The cyst however, filled up immediately again, the radiologist could see it filling up on the machine. I was really disappointed, as I hoped to put this behind me.
Please has anyone had this happen, and can i get any insights? It has been sent to the lab for testing. Thank you so much, and God bless.
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Breast cysts are rarely cancerous....Usually simple cysts collapse after being aspirated,but it's not unusual that they might refill  after aspiration,because the secretory cells still remain and they can therefore secrete more fluid and re-fill the cyst.When a cyst contains blood tinged fluid,it's standard procedure to send a sample of the fluid for lab testing to make sure that the cells are normal.
Depending on what your doctor deems appropriate,he/she might recommend aspirating again the cyst or surgically remove the entire cyst along with the capsule to prevent future re-accumulation of fluid .
Best wishes and God bless you too. :)
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Thank you Zouzi, for responding. Very helpful answer. I am really hopeful that all is well:). God bless.
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