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Breast Cyst and Nodule

Six months when I had my mammo they found that I had what seemed to be 2 nodules in one of my breast so my ob doctor told me that I had to have an ultrasound and he referred me to a surgeon for evaluation.  When I went to the surgeon she looked at the at the cd's with the ultrasound and mammo that I had done and she also did an ultrasound in her office.  She said that it did'n't seem to be anything to worry about and told me have another ultrasound and mammo done in six months and come back to see her.  Well the six have gone by and I had my mammo and ultrasound done and I still have the cyst and one nodule.  In the report it says that they are the same size and there has not been any changes since the last test were done and that they suggest that be evaluated in few months.  I have an appoint for surgeon in a couple of days and I am really scared.  I am 48 years old and no family history of breast cancer but there is a history of others types cancer.  Should I be worried and is there anything that I can do to help get rid of this cyst and nodule?
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Dear cindy1112:  A cyst is by definition, benign.  So, if these appear to be cysts and they are not bothering you, then followup is appropriate.  If there is also a nodule, then the character of the nodule should be evaluated by the radiologist and surgeon and recommendations follow.  Without evaluation, we cannot speculate on what this might be.  If you are uncomfortable, you can always seek a second opinion.
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