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Breast Discharge

I am a 29 year old black women I notice two small holes under my breast. There is discharge only when I apply pressure. I notice the other day another small bump(looks like a blackhead) pop up with the same discharge. What could this be?
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Are there any associated skin infections? any infected wounds in other parts of the body?
Have you ever scratched this area of your breast before?
Any nipple discharge?
Any palpated lump over the breast and areas near the arm pits?
What is the color of the discharge? is it greenish, clear? bloody?
Is the discharge foul smelling?
Any history of breast cancer or any type of cancer in the family?

I suggest you seek consult with your physician for diagnostic evaluation and physical exam. A sample of the discharge may be analyzed for evaluation.This may rule out an infectious process.

Continue doing self examination of your breasts and note for any further changes.

I hope this helps.
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im 17 girl and my family has a history of breast cancer ..i have a bump under my breast it is not painful and when i squeeze it puss comes out like worms from a pimple the same things happen with my nipple i have like really small bumps and when i squeeze them puss comes out what is this ive had this for a long time and the bump has been there for about 2-3 weeks and it just gets more stuff in them
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Ashley, you really need to consult a doctor.  I don't mean to scare you and what you are referring to could be a zillion other things besides cancer.  But seriously, get to a doctor and explain the situation - so you will be mentally reassured if nothing else!
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