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Breast Indentation or swelling?

Okay, so here's what going on. I'm 33 yrs old..no kids..no nursing...On my left breast I have  above the nipple what looks like an indentation and/or some swelling on the outside edge of the breast. I'm not sure if it's BOTH or the swelling is causing the indentation...I have a slight bruise mark by the nipple but it also looks similar on the other breast but not as dark. I think it may be a vein. This has been going on for years actually..(like 2 or 3?) I feel like its gotten slightly worse. Here's where it gets weird. It COMES and GOES. If I rub the area it goes away!!! then comes back at a different time. The first year I had an ultrasound..came back clear...then I had another ultrasound and it came back clear. Had a 3D Mammogram...all clear. Examined by breast surgeon..she actually said she didn't know what it was. She said take a picture of the indent (because it was gone when she looked at me..frustratingly) and I told her it doesn't stay long enough to get a picture! However..this isn't a slight indentation its pretty pronounced (think of a rounded letter M if looking down at breast)and actually seem to create a slight crease up the middle of the breast. There's no lump that I can feel. To top it off the radiologist said that my breast weren't dense! Its only in one breast so my family doctor says its probably not hormonal or it would be in BOTH breasts..so its probably structural. Any suggestions? Could this be fat necrosis? Can fibrocystic breast not show up on these tests? Can you have one large cyst that doesn't show up? Could a hormone cause this in ONE breast? I'm just getting nervous and scared and its the only symptom I seem to be having..no nipple discharge. Sometimes I do get back pain, and burning sensations in this breast. But surgeon AND tests (at different times..different years) show nothing. I dont' want to freak out..but its nerve wrecking.
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