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Breast Lump (male)

Hello, i am 19years old and last week i noticed a lump on one of my breasts.
I was taking a shower, and when i was cleaning my chest with the spunge, as i went over the nipple, i felt a pain from below it, so i checked it out abit. It  appears to be a lump right behind my nipple, which hurts if i try and grab it, it apears to have un-even edges, as a stone (dont quite know how to describe it) and when i  put even abit pressure it hurts.

Should i be worried?
What could this be?

Thank you for your time.
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Hi Fred,First of all cancer is very rare in male breast, especially at your age.Also,pain is almost never associated with breast cancer.I would advise you to go to your doctor and have this lump checked out.It could be a cyst or maybe an infection.. and this need to be taken care of with medication.Please go and see your doctor,this will put your mind at ease that you are okay. OK?.Best wishes.
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