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Breast Lump

I'm 19 years old. I have big  lump in my left breast and a small one on my right  I have been having it for about 4-5 years that I can remember. I can feel it there a little but when my period is about to come  it always harden and I know its definitely there and that when i know my period is on the way, is this normal? I'm scarred that it might be something serious but at the same time I'm not sure since it only happens when my period about to come. Should I be worried? Please help.
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Hi there,
Many teenagers get lumps in the breasts.In your age group it might be fibroadenomas or maybe cysts which are harmless tumors.These lumps tend to increase in size because they are somehow related to hormonal variations. Since you have these lumps for so long,I doubt that they are harmful .But you know that even though most lumps turn out to be okay,it's important to see your doctor for evaluation.
A simple test,like an ultrasound will let you know if these lumps are indeed what I can only guess they might be.
Please make that phone call to your doctor,just to be on the safe side okay?
Take care....
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Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it =D.i have told my doctor my problem and she checked and she thinks it might be nothing. But thanks for your help. =]
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