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Breast Lump

I'm 33 years old and found a lump.  The ultrasound results were a small lump that has increased blood supply.  I'm not sure if i should be worried? I was wondering if and what non malignant reasons a breast lump would have increased blood supply to it?
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Dear hhill3,

Thanks for writing in.

Breast lumps can be benign (fibroadenoma, papilloma) or malignant (like breast cancer). In a 33 year old woman like you without any significant family history, it is more likely to be benign, though cancer remains a possibility. The diagnosis of cancer can be verified only after doing a needle aspiration or a biopsy.

A breast ultrasound can show some markers for cancer, like increased vessels, irregular borders, etc, but they are not absolute. Of all the lumps showing increased vessels, around 20% finally turn out to be malignant.

Keeping this in mind, I think you should get a needle aspiration at least to rule out cancer. If it is benign, then you just need follow-up.

A small lump, even if cancerous, is easy to treat with good results.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Dr. Indranil Ghosh
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