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Breast Lump

I had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy 12 years ago for Endometroisis.  I have not taken any hormone replacement therapy since the surgery.  Recently I found a pea size nodule on my left breast around the 3oclock area.  There is no pain or tenderness but it is pretty firm and smoothe. My grandmother on my mothers side had a mastectomy for breast cancer but she said it was because of the hormones that she was taking. Being a 38 year old african american should I be alarmed?   Does the absence of hormone replacement put me at lower risk?  I am scheduled to see my physician next friday but I sure am nervous. The nodule is not movable but I can slide my fingers over it. Any comments?
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Kindly relax yourself.
Some input from your side ---
1. pea size lump in the breast on the left side
2. situated in the 3'0 clock position
3. painless
4. smooth and firm in feel
5. not mobile
6. can slide fingers over it.

This information points towards a benign pathology - fibroadenoma, but malignancy should be ruled out.
You may not come in the high risk group.  Definitely hormone replacement therapy has not put you on increased risk.
Relax and have an appointment with your doctor, have an mammogram done and start doing self breast examination regularly.
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Thanks very much for the prompt input. I will keep you posted on the outcome.
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you are welcome and do update as and when any progress is made.
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