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Breast Lump

I have a lump on my right breast and it has grow from a pea to the size of a quarter in the past 3-4 months. My gym checked it out when I found it but she said that my breat was just thick. I am getting a sonogram mam. next week but I was wondering if anyone can help before hand. I feel like there is a pattern when I can feel my lump. When I am on my period I can not feel it. After my period when taking birth control or maybe in the middle of my cycle I am able to feel the lump or it (Reappears) Is this weird or norm???  
Thanks for your help:) I truly appreciate it
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If the lump is some form of cyst it would be completely normal for it to vary in relation to your cycle. In fibrocystic breast condition the cysts or lumps vary along with the hormone levels in your body.  It is good that you are having at least an Ultrasound to further investigate this lump.   Regards ...
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