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Breast Mamogram-Ultrasound

I had a mamogram in which they had concerns and had me come back in for a breast ultrasound. I was told the radilogist said it is benign, how is this determined by an ultrasound (how does he know that)? Since than I have been experiencing problems in my left armpit (soreness, uncomfortable), is this something to be concerned with?
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Dear dgabriel,  Different tests give different pieces of information.  Each piece of information can be more or less suspicious for an abnormality.  Without being able to evaluate the results of the tests, and view the films it is difficult to comment on the course of action and results.  You may want to bring your symptoms to the attention of your doctor who can evaluate them in context of your situation.
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I would push the point about the soreness in your armpit.  Go back and advocate.  I don't think you should be experiencing any pains in your armpit if your spot is benign
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I recently had my followup sonomammogram and it states there is a solid mass at 10 o'clock position measuring 18.2mm(from 13.9mm).margins are well defined and echotexture homogeneous.
Also, seen were simple cysts around 7.8mm and 8.4mm. birad rating is 3.

My Ob-Gyne told me to either remove the solid mass and have it biopsied  or i may have another sonomammogram follow up after six months.

At this point, i am confused. I am afraid to undergo surgery. Is the solid mass so alarming compared with the cyst? She said dont be worried about the cyst.

Should i undergo surgery?Is it painful and leave any scar?

Please help.
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