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Breast Nodules

I am 31 yrs old and had my first baseline mammogram on monday April 9. My mom died with breast cancer 4 years ago, she was 62. So my GYN suggested that I do a baseline now, then start at 35 for my annuals. Note, my mom is the only one in my family with breast cancer. I got my call back today from the breast center and they want me to come back tomorrow for further evaluation. I was so sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wouldnt tell me anything. So I called my doctors office and asked them what did my mammo say. She said they found two nodules, one in each breast, with Malignancy RULED OUT. I was crying and in a panic on the phone. Its like I was re-living my moms nightmare all over again! She told me not to worry. That MANY patients get call backs all the time. I guess they want me to come back so they can measure it and get a closer look with an ultrasound. I wont know until tomorrow morning. YES. i booked my appt for the next day!!!!! LOL.... Although the nurse at my GYN said my results were NOT suspect of malignancy, im still nervous and shaken up. I have four kids, 13,10,7 and 19months. Im SCARED!!! I have no support system and im scared. After seing my mom die like that, im terrified. If its not one thing its another, UGH! Ive been reading all online that nodules are very common in women my age. In fact around most womens period, the breast go through changes and can develope lumpiness or nodules. My period is due any day now and I had my Mammo on Monday. My breast are tender and full as usual when its time for my period. Has anyone ever had these same results or can share some light on this for me? Please reply, I check this site everyday and will respond. I will also check back in tomorrow after my appt for the second look.
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Hi there!
How are you? Breast nodules commonly occur either due to fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer. Most of the times these nodules are benign. Benign breast lumps are characterized by painful lumps which may usually increase in size before menses and are movable not adhered to the underlying skin. Fibrocystic breast disease is more common in the age group of 30-50.Fibrocystic breast disease is seen commonly in women who never had children, have irregular menstrual cycles, and who have a family history of fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer. Mammogram is a very useful investigation to tell whether a nodule is benign or malignant. Since your doctor has already said that you have a benign breast disease please stop worrying. Follow your physician’s recommendations on the frequency of mammograms. You cannot prevent breast cancer but can definitely lower the risk by modifying the risk factors which you can like reducing weight if you are obese, daily exercise and being extra cautious about early symptoms and signs of malignancy. Do keep us posted on the progress of your health.
Take care and good luck!
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Thank you for the response. The nodules were Fibroadenomas (not suspicious for malignancy) The surgeon and GYN told me they were very common. No further treatment is required, only followup mammo. But im having them removed, gives me a piece of mind. Although the surgeon told me I can leave them...
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