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Breast Pain After Biopsy

I had a breast biopsy last Wednesday, March 26th.  US guided and vacuum assisted.  Benign results thank God, no atypical cells either, and I was pleased that compared to the other biopsies I have had in the past (MRI guided, CORE needle, Sterotactic, and Surgical) it seemed to not hurt all that bad.  Now 12 days later I have my period and the pain in that breast is killing me, also under my arm a little, I think.  Maybe because I lift a 25 pound baby all day it has something to do with it!  But how come as soon as my period started, it started to kill?  
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Great news!

The pain could be due to several causes.

Some pain is common after a biopsy procedure; also it could be due to lifting of your baby as you mention - lifting weights should be avoided for a few days till after the biopsy procedure; or it could be due to hormonal changes associated with your menstrual cycles.

You could take some OTC pain relief medications and see if it helps with your symptoms. Try some warm compresses and breast massage and try avoiding lifting your baby for a few days.

If your symptoms still persist, you would need to  review with your doctor for a clinical examination.

Let us know how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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Thank you so much!

I think it is cycle related because it is feeling better.  I guess the part they took out, even though I can't see it, must be sore and maybe even bruised from the procedure and when I got my period, it made matters worse.  I took Motrin and it helped too.  Thank you again for this wonderful site!
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Glad the post was of help to you and i also acknowledge the good words about the site.

You should keep us posted about how you are doing and also if you have any doubts.

It would be advisable to review with your doctor for a periodic clinical evaluation.

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