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Breast Pain


Last years in March I found a lump.  The Biopsy results showed it was negative for cancer.  I was given antibiotics for breast infection.  The followup mamogram was done in June 2011 - 3 months after my first mamogram and doctor's visit etc.  All was normal.

I went to the doctor with my results and asked him why I still had pain in my breast.  He said it was because of the hormonal changes.  I had also mentioned that I was on HRT since the age of 29.  Pre mature ovarian faliure. Anyway, He said ignore such pains because its hormonal and caused due to age.  I am 41.

Since last June, I have had pain in both breast off and on.  More when the periods are setting in and less when they come.

I am now worried because its been almost 11 months and the pain is still there. For the last 4 days the pain is going all the way to my under arm.

Please help.

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I agree with scheduling an appointment with a breast specialist. My obgyn recommended one for me since I have very dense breasts. Im 44 years old and have had some issues with cysts. I too have breast tenderness and pain in my breast that is closely associated with my hormonal cycle. The pain also seems to radiate under my arm. Seems to last around 2 weeks before my cycle then tapers off. The older I get the longer the tenderness lasts. It used to be only a few days before my period. The joys of getting older =) But just to be able to discuss these issues with a specialist is a great comfort to me. And one more opinion is always a good thing to have.
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Something could develop ... actually not completely develop but to the point where it could be detected but since the pain is intermittant and has been in both breasts I would doubt anything terribly serious. I certainly would discuss the HRT with someone ... it's rarely used today since the studies that proved it is such a high risk factor in the development of Breast Cancer. A followup Mammo in 9 months seems as odd interval ... it's usually every 6 months if it isn't yearly. You might ask if you could have the Mammogram earlier than April if your Dr. doesn't object. I still think a visit to a Breast Specialist is a good idea.   Regards ....
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Thank you.

My mamo was done last July.  Its been sometime.  Could something bad have developed in this time?

I am scheduled for my follow up mamo in April.  I hope all goes well.

I am also looking to meet with my gynecologist who could advise me on the HRT.

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I tend to agree with your Dr. to some degree about the breast pain. This is rarely associated with Breast Cancer, especially when it's been an ongoing problem. I'm a bit surprised that you are still on HRT as this has been proven to be quite a serious risk factor for developing Breast Cancer. This could certainly be a factor in your breast pain. If your tests are negative I doubt there is anything to be terribly concerned about. If the discomfort is a problem for you then women often rely on some over the counter pain medication at the times when the pain is particularly bothersome. If you have doubts then why not make an appointment with a Breast Specialist and get a second opinion.  Regards ....
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