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Breast Pain

I had a benign breast lump removed when I was 19 , I am now 44.. I have always had a niggling pain where the scar tissue is , now the pain is intense and goes in my arm. I had a mammogram in 2006 , they said scar tissue . I went to the Dr last night who has referred me to a breast clinic. I just wonder if they will do a mammogram again, with the pain I have.. Or a scan. Could it be scar tissue ? The pain starts in the Scar in the morning, then spreads!
ohh Lots of questions .. any ideas? thanks Rachel.
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Hi, thanks for your reply, it could well be inflamed, I don’t think its cancer, from reading the forums, I was after a bit of re assurance..
In 2oo6 , in one visit, I had 2 mammograms and an ultrasound.. So I know how quick the mammogram can be ..Its just weird shooting pains from the base of the breast , where the scar tissue is, then up my arm/shoulder.. Got a tight bra now , so nothing moves as that makes it hurt more if it moves..its an odd one, Glad my friends and family persuaded me to go  to the Dr, but now feel apprehensive, waiting for the appointment and am just thinking out loud ...thanks again .:)
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Hi Rachel,
Most of the time scar tissue forms soon after surgery,but that's not to say that this couldn't be scar tissue inflammation that is causing the pain you are describing.
Your doctor is doing the right thing to send you to a Breast Clinic,because it's important to have this problem investigated by a breast specialist.Scar tissue that can feel like a lump or tissue thickening is suspicious and has to be further evaluated.
Of course I can't give assurance if what you have is scar tissue or not,but keep in mind that pain is rarely associated with breast cancer.
If the doctor you'll be seeing orders a Mammogram,you could ask if an Ultrasound or an MRI could be considered due to the pain you are actually feeling in your breast.
Hopefully,things will be resolved soon .
Best wishes...
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