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Breast Pain

I fell, really hard a week ago yesterday and my right breast took the brunt of the fall. All of my pains are gone with the exception of my Breast Pain. It's still really intense. It is a drawing aching pain. When I take a deep breath I feel the drawing pain more. When I cough as well. I had an x-ray; no broken ribs, thank God. I just don't understand why the breast pain has not gone away. It actually seem worse now.
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On this Forum we deal with Breast Cancer issues but I'll offer some possibilities. I doubt that the pain you are feeling is coming from the breast itself but rather a strained or "pulled" muscle somewhere in the chest area. If it were from something within the breast tissue it would likely not increase when you cough or take a deep breath as you have described. You might ask your Dr about this and whether applying either heat or cold, or possibly even both (alternating) could be of some help. Injuries such as this can take a considerable length of time to resolve. Check with you Dr if things don't improve in a couple weeks.  Regards .....
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