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Breast Rash

I have a very itchy rash on my right breast.  It is not on the nipple or areola.  I had a lump removed in the same breast a year and half ago.  It was benign.  I lost my mom to Breast Cancer and my sister went through BC 2 years ago.  I do not carry the gene, but am none the less still worried.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Skin problems can occur on the breast like on any other part on the body.
If you haven't noticed any abnormal features on breast self examination like skin changes, breast lump, nipple discharge,have a fever,or have a sores that won't heal,.then it could very well be a skin problem,like dermatitis (eczema) or an allergic reaction of some sort,due to a new soap, scratchy clothing or any new products that you might be using.
My advice to you would be to consult a dermatologist or your health care provider to get a proper clinical evaluation to get this rash investigated.
In the meantime,you could apply calamine lotion and take some oral antihistamine medications for the itching.This should help with your symptoms till you get to see your doctor.
Best wishes and Happy Holidays!
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