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Breast Reconstruction

I had a bilateral mastectomy in Nov. 07, I had tissue expanders at the time of surgery.  I went through painful and debilitating injections of saline over a period of months.  In April 08, I finally had the silicone jel emplants, when I had this surgery, my right breast opened up over the nipple area.  It was in the process of healing, and scabbed over.  My plastic surgeon sent me back to work, knowing I had a very strenuous job, repetitive motion, lifting, etc.  She did not put me on any restrictions.  The second day of work, the area opened up, you could actually see the emplant.  She knew all along this was not healing.  She had to remove the emplant in May.  She really messed my breast up.  I have excess skin, and a lot of scar tissue.  I have seen 2 plastic surgeons, because I do not trust her or have confidence in her after what she done to me.  These 2 plastic surgeons said nothing could be done, because too much tissue is gone.  They also advised me to go back to her and have revision done.  I have been mutilated and scarred for life.  I have a lot of nerve damage and muscle damage because of this.  I have spoken to several lawyers over this, but no help from them.  I do not go out in public because of my self esteem!  This has wreaked havoc on my nerves.  I have a lot of medical problems associated with this now, including Fybro, strained muscles, nerve damage, damage to my chest wall.  If someone has any suggestions I would appreciate it very much.  The only place I go is to doctors.  She has really damaged my body.  I have pics of all this.  Please someone respond, I am out of ideas!  
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Hi there.

I'm sorry to learn what has happened.

Though it may be true that nothing can be done to salvage the implants and the remaining breast skin and tissues, I believe that there are other alternatives or forms of breast reconstruction, mainly through use of myocutaneous flaps (most popular is the TRAM flap).  This would require getting a portion of muscles and skin in other areas of the body to be placed or grafted in the breast area.

I suggest you ask your other surgeons about this option, and hopefully achieve a good cosmetic outcome.

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I wish my complications from this surgery were this easy to fix, unfortunately; I have a lot of problems with my back, and this is not an option for me, to have the TRAM flap.  Thanks for the input.
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