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Breast Scar Tissue

I had my lumpectomy 2 years ago and still have alot of pain at the surgical site.  Doctors have all said this is all probably scar tissue, I just want to know when will the pain  go away.  Any thoughts or suggestions.  My mammograms have been normal and will be going in for MRI at the end of the month.  Can they really tell scar tissue from a new mass??
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Hi lizzy,
Most of the time scar tissue forms soon after surgery, but that's not to say that what you have couldn't be scar tissue.I think the MRI is a good idea because no matter how confident the doctors are, a painful mass after 2 years needs a diagnosis.Hopefully, the MRI will most probably clarify this for you but if the result doesn't fully satisfy you,I would opt for a core needle biopsy,since only this procedure can tell for sure if there is any problem.Your surgeon would be able to do this type of biopsy easily, if the lump can be felt.
Wishing you all the best...
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